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Over the years we have come to understand that the old joke about swamps and alligators really is the way many of us try and deal with the challenges of life, relationships and work because of the pressures on us which allow no time to stand back and look at what is really getting in the way.

We works with clients to “drain the swamp” and take a holistic approach to coaching rather than try and tame the alligators so that clients can focus on the things that matter.

How do we work?

We believe that well-being and success comes when we are in balance mentally and physically and so we have associates specialising in fitness, weight management, nutrition and life coaching.

We can put together a Personal Well Being Programme for individuals or businesses to identify and tackle barriers to goal achievement.

“When you look good you feel good”

Who do we work with?

Individuals as a Personal Life Coach – we will help you sort out what you really want from life and work with you to make it a reality –

  • Balance the pressures of work and home in today’s busy world.
  • Make more “me” time
  • Address relationship issues and mental lows.
  • Sort out what matters to you and how to achieve what you want in life.

Companies as a  Business Coach – We will help you focus on what you want to achieve and work with you every step of the way on the journey.  We will work with you as an individual or with your team as a coach to get:

  •  Clearer focus and improved results
  • Reduce stress in the workplace and improve mental well-being of the team.
  • Improve leadership, team-working and relationships at work.
  • Work based exercise sessions to “get the blood pumping” for a healthier working environment!

Individuals and groups s a Career Coach – we have many years’ experience working with high performing executives and  managers   looking to change direction, tackle redundancy or take the next big career boost but maybe are not sure “how”.

“Get the job you want!”

Self Employed or those looking to start in business – then coaching and mentoring can be particularly effective as

  •  a sounding board for the business and for life planning
  • getting the work/life balance right.

Working with a coach and personal trainer is the perfect way to get that balance between work, family and a healthy lifestyle!

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“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance.  It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”