So this is what “Man Power” is all about!

Having installed solar power at the end of last season more improvements for the coming season are underway including drilling a borehole securing a clean water supply for Picca Laa which means to around drilling down to a depth of around 15m to enter the water table.

A skilled job particularly as the workers need to make sure that they go past any salty water from the river and get deep enough to ensure a good water supply.

The hole will then be sleeved and a pump used to raise the water to the storage tanks for use by the lodge for watering crops and by the guests for washing etc.

In keeping with the eco-lodge theme we did not use mechanical drilling to do this but ensured that the local workers benefited financially and that the eco-impact kept was kept to a minimum.

Why not join us in the coming 2016 – 2017 season and enjoy the tranquillity of Picca Laa knowing that you are supporting a sustainable way to explore The Gambia.