Why Book Your Tours With Us?

  • Why pay the same and be one of 10 – 20 tourists when you can have a personal experience in your own fully insured SUV or 4×4 rather than a sweaty bus or bumpy jeep for the same price?
  • Do you get champagne and little treats on the way with other guided tours as part of the package?
  • Do you actually get to experience the real Gambia when you are part of a well-rehearsed package tour?
  • Why take risks with local tour guides who may not be insured and may not have your best interests at heart?
  • Why not use Neneh, one of only two qualified female tour guides in The Gambia to make sure that you are safe and looked after in an air conditioned 4×4 (extra rates may apply) and you are the only two on the tour – we don’t do mass produced!

Meet Neneh our Tour Guide.

Neneh is one of only a handful of female guides in The Gambia and she is working with Picca Laa to provide a female friendly guide service – a brave move in a male dominated business.

This means that women travelling alone or with friends can have all the benefits of a knowledgeable guide with the security of a female guide.

Here is an opportunity to explore The Gambia and help provide Neneh, a single mum, with an income to support her family, never easy in the Gambia.

Why not take a short Safari and see more of The Gambia?

Excursions with local guides can be arranged from 1-3 days exploring local villages or up country to visit Basse, Georgetown or even neighbouring Senegal. Local transport can be arranged either 4×4 or minibus depending on the trip and size of party.

Email for dates and prices

Want to find out more about life in The Gambia?

What about a chance to visit the bustling Serrakunda market where you can buy local ingredients used to make the flavoursome local specialities like Benechin, Domada or Yassa?

If you love fish you will love Tanji! Visit the local fish market, choose your fish and take it with you for the freshest, tastiest barbecue you can imagine

Why not take an accompanied trip, buy the local ingredients  and learn to prepare the local foods with the help of the local villagers.  Visit a local compound and share green tea while the food cooks over a charcoal fire?

Watch the News page for some local recipes to tempt your palette!

“A real cultural experience and an opportunity to meet the real Gambia.” – Harold, Netherlands
“Fantastic location. So friendly and helpful.” – Steve and Liz, Barnsley, UK

Like to Walk on the Wild Side and enjoy the birds and wildlife of The Gambia?

bird spotting begins with breakfast as the tranquil site encourages many of the native species to come drink and display right by you breakfast table

Guided walks and mini tours can be arranged with the best local guides which means that you will have the chance to see some of the more unusual birds in a selection of settings.

1-3 day Bird Safaris can be organised for you and your party.

Email for details